Expanded warehouse = Expanded offerings. Excited by your response. Expect more!

We have had a warehouse showroom operation in Canton, Massachusetts since November 2013. Over the last year or so we were bursting at the seams so we ‘expanded’ into the rest of the room we were already using at the old Draper Felt Mill. While we really didn’t go anywhere it was a big move… Read More »

I feel faint… Recalling R.H. Lindsay’s most bombastic leader, we’ve adjusted some prices and added a coupon.

We’re here on a late winter weekend getting ourselves organized after a big run of activity. Taking time off for a small business person is perilous at times especially in today’s digital environment. Our latest trip proved that in spades as we’re just now ‘recovering’ from our time off. With the feeling of being caught… Read More »

March forth!

Our heads are spinning folks as the first two months of 2017 have been some of the busiest we’ve experienced in the handcraft area. Our work to get our story out to more folks has slowly taken hold and we keep finding more and more folks who want our wool. Thanks! Meanwhile we keep working… Read More »

Triple Sale! One for all of February. One for a week. One for 3 days ONLY!

Our Facebook followers know this one is coming so y’all should thanks them for this sale. We made one comment about trying to get to 1400 followers and about an hour later we got there. Then within a day we reached 1500 and then the next day 1600 followers! Wow! It feels great to be… Read More »

Boy are we having fun! And it’s all thanks to you!

Our Non-Traditional Traditional January White Sale is coming to a close with a bang as we’re sitting here watching all our last minute friends chip in their well thought out orders covering a range of what’s on sale and sneaking in some of their usual things since the freight is already free. We love our… Read More »

Non-traditional Traditional Seasonal White Sale!

Anyone who has followed our Facebook fan page will be anticipating this post/e-mail/however we get it to you in today’s multi-outlet digital world. We’ve been playing a game there promising fun and savings to anyone who guessed the theme of our traditional January sale. We’ve given away all the coupons and here it is, we’re… Read More »

Where have we been? Looking to Happy New Year!

Hey! Normally we’re pounding out blog posts and other social media outreach on a pretty steady basis. December hasn’t seen much activity in that regard. Why?   The fact is we’re running a little shorthanded this month. Normally we’re already just three folks working part time to keep R.H. Lindsay going. All three of us… Read More »


Wow! Thank you all for showing the love on Small Business Saturday. Most online orders in a day ever! That despite the new site’s account access issues. We are hoping that all gets fixed on Monday when we also hope to make it up with a Cyber Monday offer. Meanwhile we’ll be trying to get… Read More »

New site observations

So for some reason the free shipping for bumps isn’t activated on all the products. We made a quick swing through and hopefully got them, but please don’t panic if freight pops up as we’ll remove it before we bill you. Also please relay same so we may correct it going forward. We’ve also heard… Read More »


That’s the coupon code for an additional $20 off on Saturday, November 27th. #SmallbizSat. Minimum $50 order and you get $20 off! Most of our customers are certainly small businesses, so here’s a small contribution from us!  

Wool sale Phase #1… Actually it’s a 13 theme sale. More later!

Hey! You like us are checking out our snazzy hopefully easier to use and order more wool web site. Those of you who follow us on Social Media know we just reached 1300 fans and that means a sale. Here goes the $13 sale. From Thanksgiving until Wednesday the 30th we have three select items… Read More »

Who’s doing what with our wool?

Hey! We are humbled, amused amazed and in awe of the crazy range of products our wool goes into every day. We sell to technical users, podiatry companies, small scale manufacturers and most often and important a huge range of fiber artisans and crafters. While some uses are unique, we see different products emerge from… Read More »

Quick note! 27DF is back! 26S (Tasman Scoured) now offered

September is zipping past and we here in the parched Northeast are hoping for cooler weather and some seasonal RAIN! Enough of talk about the weather, here’s what we want to say. We have brought our popular #27DF Fine Brown Carded Sliver back! We have plenty available from the same source as before. Check it… Read More »

What do you do to celebrate a milestone? Have a wool sale!

Yahoo! So this scribe is completing his 60th orbit of the earth and wants to celebrate. Hence we’re having a sale! If a sale isn’t enough, we’d like to remind everyone that we’ve brought back our popular Bamboo product and lowered the price of our Mulberry and Bleached Tussah silk tops.

Summertime blues… What’s the cure? How about a silk sale?

Ok! We’ve been away absorbing copious shares of Vitamin D as well as some great food and beverages for much of the past three weeks. Some of us are still away, but generally we’re here for anyone the rest of July with only a few exceptions. Our Canton warehouse is well stocked with only one.

Serving the Creative Economy makes us happy. Sale Week!

We’ve posted a few boring blogs reflecting on dumb stories that have become company and family lore. We could write a book with Toppy stories as well as some fun I’ve had as President of R.H. Lindsay Company. Today we’ll spare you by instead focusing on now and our future.