Boy are we having fun! And it’s all thanks to you!

Our Non-Traditional Traditional January White Sale is coming to a close with a bang as we’re sitting here watching all our last minute friends chip in their well thought out orders covering a range of what’s on sale and sneaking in some of their usual things since the freight is already free. We love our customers and the love keeps growing! Thank you all!


So as January comes to a close what do we have to look forward to in February? First off we owe our Facebook fans a thank you sale for having 1400 fans. We made a post suggesting we’d have a BIG sale if we reached 1500 by February 1st. We’ll be flogging that for a few days as we’re in the low 1420s… We got the last 25 to get over 1400 in less than an hour thanks to one of our avid followers so… Check us out there!


We will also be adding more scoured domestic wool types. We’ve tripled our warehouse space in our Boston-area warehouse and we’ve brought all our processed wool from the scouring mill. That way, we won’t forget it. There are three bales we were paid for two years ago, although that isn’t untypical of that customer… We found a couple of gems too. What occurred to us though is that we have that wool sitting there, so why not offer it to you?


This is setting up pretty good to keep the Boston-area crew busy for the first half of February. Our Philadelphia warehouse will be down for 2 1/2 weeks as they escape the winter and head to the southern hemisphere for some R&R. There are one or two items we’ll have to move around in the next week, but mostly we’re double covered. We’ve also been leaning on the Philly stash for a few types to make sure we won’t run out in Boston.


So, keep an eye out for our next post announcing our 1400 & Scoured Wool Intro Sale. It won’t all be scoured wool as the number 14 will be included somewhere somehow for sure.

Thanks again all who took advantage of our sale. We hope to keep hearing from folks who need our wool to fuel their success in their own small businesses no matter whether if it’s on sale or not. After all, our prices are awesome! So we’ll be looking for you and hope to keep the love growing through February.