Catch up weekend. Raw fleece to high tech fiber your choice!


Pictured here are o three offers of Local Romney Fleece we took in this week from a Prize Winning Wool Grower who is cleaning out the barn of her unsold 2018 crop to ready room for this spring’s production. Mostly grazed and kept outside and working as much as possible makes for a generally lighter than usual fleece. They’re now on the New Product, Raw Wool, or One Off product page.

Below are three new products as well, Polypropelyne, Yellow and Blue Rayon. Clocked in at our lowest price folks wanting to play with some blending will have some cheap fun with these products. It is sort of freaking us out to offer polypropylene since we HATE the poly bale twine even some of the best growers we know seem to allow into the clip… Here it is on its own, so that makes us feel a little better. It is stored among the Rayon and away from any loose wool.

We didn’t get to the colored Merino fleeces….yet. (If you want some just let us know ($9/lb) and we’d be happy to give you the specs).