Taking it a day at a time

We are writing this on election day when we didn’t receive an order which hasn’t happened on the site for a while. Even the slowest days this year we seemed to get a few packages for UPS. We can only conclude that you’re all out voting today. Awesome! It appears to be the biggest vote ever which will make for the fairest outcome that best reflects America today.

2020 has been quite the year for us so far. Our business has been steady and each month we seem to have done more than the year before. When we reflect upon this we aren’t sure if it is because of what is happening that we’re growing or would we have seen more growth if we weren’t suffering through a world wide pandemic.

After all in the past year or so we added a new part time member to our staff making us now a 4th Generation Company. We added a rotating line of Sampler boxes last year and this year we added not one but TWO lines of dyed wool. We have 5 colors of Corriedale Dyed Top and around 20 colors of Dyed New Zealand Romney Carded Sliver.

Watching our customers we see a wide range of stories reflecting your grit and determination to feed your creative needs and even make a living doing it. We pinch ourselves every day at how our customers keep finding new and old ways to use wool. However we have been missing a few of you since some have lost their outlets and others have actually had other interests overwhelm them leaving no time for wool.

What’s next? We’ll see what happens with the election and hope for the best. We’re watching the third surge of Covid overwhelm us and we hope we’ll not have to shut the world down again to stem this insidious disease. We hope you are all keeping well.

We rarely see more than one other person at a time, we have a nice collection of masks including a few wool ones, and its helped Phil’s status around the house to be much more attentive about washing his hands. We miss going out for dinner or to see a show and we really miss going to sheep and wool festivals to see what you’re up to in terms of creating the next cool new product.

When we’re uncertain that is usually when we cook up a sale. With all the myriad of possible outcomes over the next two months, it will have to be a doozie. So we’ll see how this week goes and have some fun from there.

Meanwhile, check out of new L-857 Scoured New York Merino wool on the site in the Loose or New Wool pages. If you need more than a few pounds or want to consider buying a bale please let us know. Also if you’re looking for scoured wool, we’ll be updating our types over the next week or two.