New! Alpaca in the house AND a new Sampler

After resisting many customers’ call for years we finally made the plunge into American Alpaca. We posted a dark brown carded sliver on our site that is 24-26 micron. While it does contain a bit of a coarse hair and hay chaff after being scoured and carded, the fiber is awesome and it should be great for individual use as well as for bulk blending projects with other fibers. Every time it gets carded it will be smoother and more even for sure. We’re tempted ourselves to do exactly that and send it off to blend with some nice soft wool.

Given this lot is one of many that we found hiding in a local New England warehouse we decided to dive right in and offer it for sale and your feedback. We’ve already received some positive responses since Alpaca in this form is hard to find at all. We know of no industrial processor in the United States who would scour Alpaca and few that would put it over one of their cards.

This lot developed when one of our wooly associates got organized and bought raw alpaca out west, shipped it overseas where a boutique mill scoured and carded it into its current form. The dark brown we thought would work best in the range of our inventory. That said, if you all buy this up fast enough we’ll be able access two lighter brown and a black shade in the same form. We also have a lead on some black top and various shades of scoured alpaca ready to go. We’re adding up our inventory commitments to see if we can afford to buy the scoured and blend it with some wool to help reduce the hay and to smooth out the sliver to make it easier to handle.

After the initial success of our first SamplerĀ (recently renamed the Spanish Origins Sampler) the boss believes its time to introduce a new offering. This offer we’re calling “More than Wool” as most of the items are not wool but some other fiber. Ranging from Scoured Mohair to Dyed Blue Acrylic Top we think we’ve got you covered in oddball fiber items you might not think you want but are happy to try. As usual if you buy any Sampler you’ll get some coupons to help cover the cost of the box.

So we’re headed into late October and late fall with a warehouse full of items from our entire line. We’re ready for you to get started with your wool projects and business. And if you’re ready to see (and touch!) all our products in person, stay tuned as we’ll be announcing our November Open (Ware)House very soon!