Happy New Year! Finally a few Poly Pay Fleeces and a “Bump Only” sale

It’s amazing to be looking at 2018 and realize it will be R.H. Lindsay Company’s 82nd year in business. Founded in a law office on State Street in Boston in January, 1936 we’ve come a long way since the days when Boston was the wool headquarters for the nation. We hope that we’re your wool head quarters anyway as we’re living the dream we had nearly 40 years ago when this third generation participant began at R.H. Lindsay Company.

We finally got to the pile of fleeces we had pulled out of a huge delivery of Poly Pay Fleece we received from one of the largest commercial flocks in New England. Two of the three we went through are up and we’ll be putting up a third on tomorrow and may be more if we get an hour or so to go through the last few bags. It’s been more of a chore than we expected as these sheep while very healthy spend too much time indoors. It’s pretty crossbred style fleece though and we’re offering it at a nice price.

While we’re at it, we’re marking down the BUMP price on #72D to $15/lb or $495 for a 33 pound Bump, the #48 to $14/lb or $406 and the #47 Falkland to $9/lb or $261 for a bump. This will start on Friday, December 29th and last through Tuesday, January 2, 2018! This is for the BUMPS only, no single pound discounts.

So Happy New Year! and thanks for all your orders and great support for 2017. We hope that 2018 will be everyone’s best year ever!