Celebrating 2000 fans with two 2-themed coupons

We have a facebook fan site, R.H. Lindsay Wool Merchants and the other day we noticed we’d been languishing with 1960ish followers. Anyone who follows us knows when we hit a century mark we always run a sale to celebrate. When we got nearly 60 new followers in a day or so it became obvious we had to get it together and post something asap! So here we go!

#2bucksasap is a reusable coupon code that is good for $2 off any order between now and December 1st.

#2000penniesoff200 is a twice-usable couple code for $20.00 (2000 pennies) off any order of $200 or more for orders through the end of November.

Please note the coupon will not be good for any orders that include the SA48.5 South African 22.5 micron Combed Top

We also noticed an old $5 coupon offer was still available. Anyone who knows us from Instagram (home of ugly warehouse photos) might want to mine that account waaaayyyyy back to a time when we were encouraging our followers to #showus in their own posts. We got a series of pretty cool products that you provided us to post. That was fun.

Meanwhile we keep shipping wool and trying to keep on top of our inventory and your orders. Last week we went down to the mill to oversee a big year end scouring that will include a couple of handcraft nuggets we will be excited to present in January. We’re also stocking up on our loose scoured wool and we’ll be posting new lot numbers and offers as they arrive.

Looking into 2019 there may be a few long gaps in supplies of products from China. We’re looking at fairly flat prices as currency fluctuations have matched up with any tariffs to this point. We may well quit on a couple of items as one of our major suppliers retired after 65 years of wool and fiber trading. We have a couple of ideas on some cool product shifts that should be good or even better than what we’re dealing with today. Besides, we have added more domestic and local wool types than any specialty fiber types in recent years and so far you have been responding. Thanks!

So we’ll be seeing who is the fastest to dive in as there is a $50 one time coupon #50onlyonce for $200 minimum orders to the first person who sees this and uses it.

Good luck and have a great Thanksgiving too!