Who’s doing what with our wool?


We are humbled, amused amazed and in awe of the crazy range of products our wool goes into every day. We sell to technical users, podiatry companies, small scale manufacturers and most often and important a huge range of fiber artisans and crafters. While some uses are unique, we see different products emerge from time to time that grow into something we recognize as a trend.

The past year or so the new fascination is giant or arm knitting. We’ve sold a lot of our #47 Falkland top to some folks who feel like they’re doing pretty well from our perspective. The #48 Merino Top is a great candidate for that as well. We don’t carry superwash yet, but with our new expanded Canton warehouse we hope to once our accounting department says we can afford some. Any of our 20-series carded wool would be okay, BUT be sure to buy a full bag (they only weigh from 10-14 pounds and you get free delivery) so the sliver remains in tact as one continuous 75 gram/yard sliver (our standard for the carded sliver).

The ongoing product sensation for us is dryer balls as we enter our third year of recognizing the significance of this product to our sales. While half our friends we tell about them say who needs them we hang out our laundry on a line, there are still millions and millions of clothes dryers in the United States. We have several customers who are doing their best to get dryer balls in as many of them as possible. The big item for this has been our #91 Domestic 56s wool top, however we know folks have used the #47, #48 as well as a wide variety of our 20-carded sliver series the 21D, 22D, 23D & 24D as well as the 21DF and 23DF. A few folks that use finer wool have found that our N72-1 19.3 micron noil is a good core for dryer balls so it keeps moving out the door at a steady rate. We’re considering noils from our #91 which we believe we could bring to the market for our minimum price of $5/lb. More wishes on our list.

Having been around for 80 years we know nothing is forever and all those ideas may well peak out and other folks will move onto the next new thing. Hopefully our product line will be there to help whoever is working on them. We haven’t been standing still either in that regard.

The biggest news is emerging here and for sale on our site today. That is our dehaired Churro which we’ve put on on our site at $16/lb You only have to buy a 12 pound 14x14x20 box to get free delivery to the lower 48. We’re also selling the dehair seconds at our minimum $5/lb price with free delivery for $60 worth.  We believe this product should be good for needle felting. It is very white and despite being dehaired it still has a wide variety of length and micron wool in it which should make for great felting.

So we’re headed into November hoping all our ideas take root and you all show up online. We’ve been kicking out orders as fast as we can with two outlets one in Philadelphia and the other in an old felt mill in Canton, Massachusetts. They synergy of having two locations for a bunch of part time folks has been pretty good, although Canton could use a technical upgrade as our handwriting can be a challenge to our own selves now and then. That’s in the works now…

We’re hoping to get out a bit and visit folks as well between now and the end of the year. As our 80th year in business wraps up we’re still feeling like we need to celebrate. The past year has been a blur of movement and decision making about our future. We’re making a huge leap in expanding our inventory and the space we use to ship it and so far the public has responded. Thank you! Look for more improvements, products and FUN! here at R.H. Lindsay Company. We’re here for you and if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t be here. After all for 80 years America, We’ve got the wool for you!