Triple Sale! One for all of February. One for a week. One for 3 days ONLY!

Our Facebook followers know this one is coming so y’all should thanks them for this sale. We made one comment about trying to get to 1400 followers and about an hour later we got there. Then within a day we reached 1500 and then the next day 1600 followers! Wow! It feels great to be loved!


Anyway, that means we have to have a sale or two or three! So here’s the deal.


We have a multiple use coupon #fb1600 for an order totaling at least $30 and get $10 off on any order you place in February. Sale #1 so to speak.


Beginning February 1st and lasting through February 7th we’re putting 6 items on sale. They range from our local Crossbred #21D carded sliver for $8.00/lb to Bleached Tussah Silk at $22.50 per pound plus four other items priced in between. Back again after being offered during our January White Sale are our #21MXD our Mohair/New England Crossbred Carded Sliver for $11/lb and the C21DH Dehaired Churro for $13/lb. Two items that are switches from the January White Sale offers are the #101 Mohair Top at $14.00 replacing the #102 Scoured Mohair and the #723 Black Opal Dyed top at $15/lb replacing the #748 Merino Hat Black. So that’s six items on sale through February 7th or one whole week.


What else could we do beside add a month long coupon and put six items on sale for a week? We’ve put one of our #1 items that we sell all year round on sale! For three days and three days ONLY (sorry no if you missed it we’ll say okay for a few days on this one) from February 1st through Friday February 3rd we’re lowering our #91 Domestic 56s Fleece Wool Top to $7.00/lb or $203.00 (or so) for a 29 (or so) pound bump!


So, we’ll be looking for you. Please feel free to share the coupon code #fb1600 with anyone. We’re only going to put it in this blog which will also be sent out via Constant Contact and copied and pasted onto our Facebook site ONCE and let the fun begin.