Luxury Fiber sale!

We had a great sale last week offering 10% off for Small Business Saturday. We also have a sale running on some of our 20-series Carded Sliver, namely the 21D, 22D and 21MXD who’s batches are getting low and we’re about to refresh some of our line. The entire time we’d been carping on our Facebook page to get 2600 fans. Well this week you did it! So what else can we do but have ANOTHER sale!

This time Phil has gone all out offering the Entire Luxury Fiber line on sale for a week starting today the 5th and running to the 12th. We’re offering at least $1.00/lb off and as much as $3.00/lb off on the nine products on the Luxury Fibers page. Check it out as there are a couple of super deals!

Normally this time of year we’re slowing down as most of our customers are selling product they’ve made already. This year being a little unusual to say the least, we figure why not! It’s always a good time to treat yourself to some luxury fiber. We hope to see y’all sometime this week. Have a good one.