2200 fans sale! Wow! How’d we do that? Wait for it as Phil waxes a bit to start. #2200code for Wool Top or Luxury Fiber items

R.H. Lindsay’s 83rd year in business is turning out to be one of the most exciting and entertaining of at least the last 25 years of our history. We might cite Phil’s major leg break 20 years ago next month, or the launching of our first e-commerce web site in the early 2000’s (has it been that long already) and to our current interactive site that we switched to about 10 years ago, but this year tops all that. Here’s why.

Early in July another Lindsay family member, Grace Lindsay-Parks has joined us part time for now and she’s been enlisted with bringing us up to speed as far as managing our web and billing so we’re not wasting time doing paperwork. You may have noticed higher ultimate prices and our UPS charges show up a little higher on the site than they were the last time you may have ordered. Don’t worry our bill exactly for what we ship policy is still good and this only means you usually get a downward adjustment on your final sales receipt. Grace also has some ideas on how to sell our product.

Our brand new Sampler is our interpretation of one of Grace’s ideas. It’s a little rough around the edges, but as we showed folks what we were thinking YOU told us that we’d better hurry as there appeared to be some pent up demand. You can expect this concept to continue to develop going forward. The buzz this created however led to a surge of interest in our Facebook and Instagram Pages and suddenly we’re sitting here with more than 2200 fans! Anyone who has followed us there knows what that means. We’re having a sale to celebrate!

The theme of this sale is 2 as we have 2200 fans. So, we’re offering a coupon for $22.00 off on any order in 2 (two) Category Types of our product, Luxury Fibers and Wool Top for any Cart order of at least $88.00 for any order through Thursday September 5th.

To put it another way, use the Coupon Code #2200code for any order that includes an item from our Luxury Fiber and/or Wool Top Categories. The minimum order is $88.00 to qualify. The coupon is worth a $22.00 Cart Discount. This is good from NOW through Thursday September 5th.