Shops Ship Free!*

*some conditions apply 🙂

“The shipping is more than the wool!” is probably our most-received feedback here at R.H. Lindsay Company. The common retort has become “well, I can’t do anything about the shipping, but I can charge you more for the wool if you’d like!”

We’re acutely aware of how much shipping prices have increased in the last year, as we move wool bales all around the country. It’s not just UPS that’s gone up – the industrial freight prices are way up as well. Getting our products to us cost more too, not just getting them to you.

In fact, looking around we feel like the only thing that isn’t more expensive than it was a year ago is our wool. We haven’t raised prices yet, and while that will inevitably come, we’ll keep increases as low as we can stand. Why? Because we have a core business mission to make industrial-quality wool and fiber products *as accessible as possible*. For $241, anyone in the continental US can have a 31-lb bump of American wool delivered to their doorstep. Anyone who dreams of starting a business centered around fiber, has easy access to top-quality wool products.

But not everyone needs 31 pounds of wool at a time, and expensive shipping isn’t helping wool’s accessibility. So we came up with the idea to give brick-and-mortar stores an even better free-shipping deal than we already offer through bump shipping. Our long-term goal is to get our customers who buy a couple pounds at a time and spend way too much on freight to put those extra pennies into their local economy.

To qualify, your shop must have regular business hours where members of the public can purchase fiber or fiber-related goods. Additionally, orders to get free freight must be:

  • Minimum 20 lbs
  • Maximum 10 items
  • At least 2 lbs/item

For some reason (physics!?) shipping two pounds of one item takes up way less space than shipping one pound of two items, and since we’re covering that expensive freight bill we had to make a couple concessions.

Interested shopkeepers can fill out this form and we’ll relay a coupon code for free shipping on qualifying orders!

Sick of paying high freight costs? Have a local shop that carries yarn or fiber products? Send them our way!