September update! 3 new Targhee products!

Hey! It’s after Labor Day and Phil has made it through the first month of Grace’s maternity leave making just a few shipping errors. So far you all have been keeping it easy for us to keep up despite being short handed.

Well we’re here to announce our expanded offering of THREE Targhee types, scoured, combed top and 4″ cut top! The scoured is from a big New Hampshire flock and the rest we’ve sourced through an American source. We should have them highlighted in the New Product section on our web site.

We’ve been carrying the scoured Targhee for many years and we’ve used it in our 21DF carded Sliver as well. The Open Top is actually cut top and we’ve adjusted the cutting length to 4 inches as a few folks asked that we make it longer. The top is NEW to us and we’ve put it at a GREAT NEW LOW PRICE of $12/lb. We should be charging $14 based upon the micron and the market, but we’re going to give it some time at the lower level, so move fast!

Otherwise watch out for Phil relaying pitchers of Penelope Joy as she goes through her early life changes and development. He’s also amazed at how dedicated Curtis and Grace are to Penny and how lucky they are to both have jobs that allow for 2 months of family leave. Surely there will be one super loved little girl growing up in our family given the fine start we’ve witnessed to date.

So keep Phil busy in September and try out our new offering as well.