When holding one sale isn’t enough!

January is when our year begins. R.H. Lindsay in fact was first organized in January 1936 in a State Street law office. Also our long time President, John Davenport (Toppy) Lindsay was born on the 10th of January. Between those events and the 1,000 fans we now have on Instagram we have enough reason to hold a sale, but wait! there’s more.

For many years in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s we used to hold a consignment sale where wool dealers would put in lots they were sort of stuck with from the previous year. We would offer over 1 million pounds of wool and it proved to be a great exercise in learning where all the bones were buried. But wait! there’s more.

The first sale we ever had for our handcraft customers was a January White Sale. We riffed off the old department store lure of putting their sheets and towels on sale during January by putting most of our white items on sale for a week or so in January.

So… what does that mean for you now? It means we’re having multiple sales!

First we’ll be holding a raffle over on Instagram giving out some free Sampler boxes to those who play along.

Then we’ve put 5 White Items on sale from now until January 22nd (when Phil heads off to ASI). Our #1 item Type 91 Domestic 56s Fleece top is marked down to $7.25/lb. Our 21D Romney/Leicester Scoured Carded Sliver is down to $7.50 while the 21DD Dorset Polypay Super Springy carded sliver is down to $8.50lb. Our long running Dehaired Churro is marked down to just $10.00/lb and if successful this may be the end of the road for this product. Finally we’re putting our Polypropylene on sale at $3.00 per pound. Anyone looking for cheap stuffing material should jump on that! Just click over to our On Sale page and you’ll see them all.

Now for the tricky sale! We’re offering half off UPS up to $20.00 for orders of at least 5 pounds with free bump orders netting the $20.00 off. This is for one order AND you have to ASK us for the discount by putting a message on your order. It’s easy and we will cut the UPS charges on your order in half when we make the final collection against your shipment.  This offer is good for one order until February 1st. So you have the rest of the month to cash in on this offer.

So we’ll try to remind everyone to ask us for half off UPS wherever we can and we’ll also put a link up to the On Sale page. But now it’s up to you! Help us celebrate January by taking advantage of at least one sale offer. We’re already wondering who will be the most imaginative while taking advantage of our offer. There’s always someone who milks every penny out of our sales and we can’t wait to see who that will be. So ORDER NOW!