New product! Spanish Brown Top, BLUE Acrylic, Tan Carded Sliver, Various colored rayon staple.

Well we’ve been struggling with getting some wool supplies moved along and we’ll soon be out of any fiber imported from China, but we won’t let that slow us down.

Today we’ve launched (or soon will be) a host of new products. The most exciting and prettiest being a natural Brown top from Spain. Our #27SP (Brown Spanish in our code) will be priced well with a 20 pound bump going for a mere $145.00 for a 20 pound shipment. Big blobby (3 inch bulk) 28.5 micron Chocolate shade top just for you.

If you like BLUE, check out our new Blue Acrylic Top at $6/lb and $288.00 for a 48 pound (whew!) bump. It’s very long and soft but we suspect we’ll have it for a while unless one of  you finds a good use for it. We’re sending it to our oddball fiber using pals in hopes we might have someone else who wants them.

We had a bit of scoured Tasmanian Comeback hanging around and we blended it with some of our scoured Dorset/Polypay. It came out a fluffy light tan our 23T (for Tan). $12.00/lb and $240.00 for two bags(bump). We have enough to last a few months based upon how fast we sell our regular carded sliver. Once we sell that though it will be it for that type as we’ll soon be out of all our Tasman line as we’re closing in on finishing up the 26TAS as well.

Since we’ll soon be out of Bamboo (Chinese Rayon), we have added 3 colors, White, Yellow and Blue of American Viscose Rayon. All deals at $5/lb and $200 for a 40 pound box.

Last to be posted will be a truly man-made fiber offering of Poly Propylene. We’re handling the enemy product and you can try it for $5.00 per pound or $200 for a 40 pound box.

Just wander over to our Products Page and look at the New Products where all these are there already or will be there soon. We’ve also added a Non-Wool Fibers page.

Meanwhile we continue to stock our primary line of wool top and carded sliver, all handled and processed here in the United States. We are shipping daily from our Boston-area and Philadelphia warehouse and we try our best to get our orders out within hours and if not within a business day.

That said, bear with us as the new products are only at the Boston-area warehouse for the time being and we’ll be ducking in and out a bit next week. Hence it may be a day or two before some of those orders get shipped unless of course you order now!

Oh and just a hint, the $5 #showus Instagram coupon is still hanging around…

We hope to hear from y’all soon!