New prices! New Product! Two new coupons! One riddle to solve for $10 off. Happy September!

We did it! We caught up to our stated goal of raising our prices in September. We raised the prices for entire 20-series carded types. Sadly that’s where our costs have risen the most. We also raised the price of all the wool top from the coarse New Zealand to our 19.5 Micron American Merino with 25-50 cents added to absorb what has been higher UPS and other freight costs we’re tracking this year. To date we really haven’t added to our prices to account for the higher price of wool. We’re getting to the point where the higher prices may well affect us so these price rises might not be the last for 2018.

Since it’s a beautiful Saturday we’re keeping this short too.

To make up for the rise, we’re putting on a coupon #fivepercentoffnewprices that is good for everything EXCEPT for our new #SA48.5 South African 22.5 Micron Top. That’s priced to go and it hasn’t disappointed as we had a half dozen orders before we even put it up on the site. So that’s good for a week since we didn’t give you time to buy before the prices went up. We think you’ll win with 5% as there are a lot of products we didn’t raise like most of our luxury fibers.

We’ve hit social media pretty hard with the announcement of our new #SA48.5 22.4 micron South African Combed top. A 22 pound bump for $220.00 is super low. That price is good for September and we’ll start to incrementally raise that product to better reflect the cost.

Our last item for September is we’ve posted a $10 coupon except for the SA48.5 and we’re never going to give it away or write it down. You can find it though if you subscribe to all the fiber and craft magazines we advertise in around the country. Our President, Phil Lindsay was highlighted in the fall edition of one of the longest enduring spinning magazines in the country. Early days with them we ended up owning the inside front cover for many years. They used an adjective to describe our President and we thought it would make a good coupon code. Add a # prior to the adjective for $10.00 off on any order in September. That’s it! No hints and we won’t tell you if you’re right or wrong. We hope the prospect of $10 off makes you curious about what they said about Phil and our business in general. Good luck!