All about Free Bump Shipping

With shipping rates staying high, we are always getting questions about how to get free shipping on an order. Folks in the continental US who need bulk of one product can get free freight on their entire order by ordering a bump!

But what that means varies by product! Why? Well we source our products from different mills throughout the US and the world, and each one has a different way of packaging their fiber. Each “bump” definition is based on how we receive the wool. Let’s break it down by product category, and then answer some common questions we get about free bump shipping!

Ball of Wool Top

Many of our Wool Top products come in a ~30-lb ball. They are pretty compressed and we squeeze them into a 14x14x14in box. Our Dyed Corriedale products come in a similar compressed ball, but weigh ~22 lbs instead.

2 Bags of Carded Sliver

Our Scoured Carded Sliver products come to us in bags that weigh ~11 lbs each. A “bump” order of these products will get you two of these bags, jammed into a 14x14x36in box. You may want to have your camera rolling when you open the box to capture the jack-in-the-box effect of the wool decompressing. Select carded sliver products, like the Dyed Drysdale/Romney, require just one bag purchase for free bump shipping.

Loose Wool

Phil’s favorite bumps to pack are our loose wool products! Each individual product page will tell you how many pounds are in a bump order (usually 20-30), and you’ll receive it loose in a box. Nothing fancy about it! As Phil would say, “you’re paying for wool, and that’s what you’re getting.”

Luxury Fibers and Oddball Bumps

Just like the loose wool, each individual product page will tell you what a “bump” consists of. Our silk products come in bags, just one required for free bump shipping. Our mohair and bamboo top come as ~22 lb balls.

Some products, like our Dyed Black Spanish Merino Comeback, don’t fit the mold we’ve specified. But each product page will tell you what you get when you purchase a bump.

How much do bumps cost?

When you buy a bump the cost is the per-pound price times however many pounds your bump is! Bump weights can vary, sometimes by up to 3-5 lbs, so when you initially check out on our website you’ll be charged for a heavy bump. When we process your order, we adjust the price based on the actual weight shipped, and refund you as appropriate. When your order is completed, you’ll receive an email with the actual price you paid and the weight shipped.

I’m ordering a bump but want to try some other products. Can I add individual pounds to my order and still get free freight?

Yup! And if you want to consider a couple items for future purchase, but don’t want to commit to a full pound, feel free to leave a note with your order with the items you’d like to sample, or what you’re planning to do with the wool and we’ll do our best to help!

My order is over 20 lbs of various products, but no bump. Can I get free shipping?

If you run a brick-and-mortar shop, yes! See our last blog post for details. Feel free to let your local LYS know about this deal so you can buy our wool from them instead of paying high shipping prices!

What if I need more wool…like way more?

Some products are available by the bale! Bales are typically ~700 lbs, and are the lowest prices we offer. Depending on your fiber needs and geography, we may also fill a pallet with various products at a discounted rate (minimum 300 lbs). Contact us for bulk inquiries.