Non-traditional Traditional Seasonal White Sale!

Anyone who has followed our Facebook fan page will be anticipating this post/e-mail/however we get it to you in today’s multi-outlet digital world. We’ve been playing a game there promising fun and savings to anyone who guessed the theme of our traditional January sale. We’ve given away all the coupons and here it is, we’re having a White Sale.

What does that mean? We don’t have piles of sheets and towels we’re about to post on our site. Generally it has meant that we pick out a few of our regular white items and put them on sale. This year we’re putting white material on sale sure, but the reason for the Non-traditional in the headline is that we’re also adding other items on sale that are definitely NOT white.

So, from Wednesday January 18th through Wednesday January 25th we’ll put the following items on sale:

#748 Merino Hat Black Top, Usually $23.00. Now $20.00/lb.

#21DF Fine Domestic Local Targee Sliver: Already well priced at $10, but On Sale at $9/lb.

#C21DH dehaired Churro. Usually $16.00 but On Sale at a Super $13.00/lb.

#N72-1 19.3 Micron Fine US Combed Australian Noils. Usually $7.50/lb.  On Sale at $5.00/lb.

#47 Falkland Top. A recent super popular item even at $9.50/lb, now On Sale at $8.75/lb

#21MX Mohair Wool Blend Sliver. Usually $13/lb, Now On Sale at $11.00/lb

#102 Scoured Mohair. A deal at $13/lb, but a Steal On Sale for $10.00

#61OT Open NZ Romney Top. Usually $9.00/lb, On Sale this week for $7.00/lb.

M900 Mulberry Top. Well priced at $32.00/lb. On sale for $29.00/lb.

#23D Light Grey Local Carded Sliver. Usually $9.00/lb, On Sale for $8.50/lb.

So ten items on sale. Eight of some of our whitest and even most popular types and two of our least white products.

The sale begins on Wednesday, January 18th and ends at the end of Wednesday January 25th. 8 days only!

Ten items for eight days!