One Of The Most Popular Uses Of Our Wool

Hand-made garments, whether they are hand-felted, knitted or woven are one of the most popular uses of our wool. Some of the most popular uses include wool for sweaters, scarves, mittens, socks and vests.

Many of our customers love the therapeutic effects of felting by hand. Their imagination informs their enthusiasm when they turn out wondrous and exotic wallhangings, sculptures, baby booties, vests and coats. Many are award-winning artists.

We supply wool and mohair to dollmakers our fleece is especially sought after by many Santa doll crafters. Our mohair has been used for a wide range of doll types, including Shirley Temple dolls. Customers looking to craft soft dolls and stuffed animals completely from natural fibers are able to use an assortment of wool types for stuffing. More than one customer has used our wool for crafting pet toys.

The versatility of wool lends itself to many varied and imaginative uses including saddlemaking, mandalas, needlefelt sculpture, pincushions, and shoe and foot comfort products. Our wool has also been used in oil absorption products for cleaning up oil spills. It has been used in the manufacture of carpet padding, hanging basket liners and garden mulch mats.

We have sold wool for use in reproductions of Viking weavings and for building yurts. Tennis ball felt has also been developed from some of our products. The physical qualities of wool fiber, including its large surface area, lend it to working well in handcrafted, high-end audio speakers.

Handwoven and handfelted blankets are popular uses for our wool, as are commercially felted and woven blankets. Woven, worsted and handfelted rugs are also large contributors to the end products from R.H. Lindsay wool.

The Christmas season shows an uptick in orders for some of our products and especially those for sculpting angels out of roving. Wool is a natural for handmade ornaments, and many of our products are used to embellish Christmas decorations.

Over the years industrial felt manufacturers have used our products in piano hammers, computers and for pool table coverings. Our wool is also used by people who make religious vestments and garments.

So from pincushions to cleaning up oil spills we challenge anyone to find a more versatile and practical natural fiber. If you’re a customer and don’t see your application here, please email us and let us know about your innovation!