The current normal of Coronavirus for R.H. Lindsay Company (sale on horizon)

We’ve all seen hundreds of these notes expressing concern and thanking folks for their understanding related to the effects of the CV-19 Pandemic that is wracking the world. Despite some predicting we’ll be back to normal by the middle of April that is hard to conceive from here as thee death toll has just started to grow and we are afraid it will start to mount and those making airy happy predictions will change course. Given sports leagues are planning beyond that as well as our own state and city who have already extended things into the end of April at the soonest.

Anyway, we’re still shipping wool daily. We read the pages of exceptions to businesses that should shut down and we’re not there. As far as essential its foggy too. Our landlord has been declared essential and since we’re in textiles that and Amazon still operating has little old R.H. Lindsay thinking we’ll be fine alone in our wool warehouse. The adjustment it seems we’re making is not to have two of us here at a time. We’ll see in a week or two if that will stay the case.

Meanwhile we finally got silk back online. We have Mulberry and Bleached Tussah at about the same price as before. The bumps changed as we’re back to the 11 pound bags for the Mulberry not balls. The bleached tussah arrived in 10 kilo or 22 pound or so bags. It’s up online now.

We’re also waiting for dyed colored top to arrive. More on that when it does.

With both these products headed this way for an ever longer time our plans to open with a sale keep getting delayed. Well while we’re typing this we’re mulling what we should do for a sale. Typically we like to use the news around us to create a theme along with whatever we have that is new. With the situation today we’re finding not everyone appreciates irony and in today’s social media mix up irony is often wasted as folks seem to take everything they see online literally. So… we’re guessing it will be a coupon. HOWEVER we also just noticed we’re about 12 facebook fans short of 2400 fans at R.H. Lindsay Company Wool Merchants. We’ll kick that dog to see if we can get something going. 24 has a lot of ways we can dice it up so that is sounding like fun. We’re loath to do anyting related to the number 19…

So we’re here we’re healthy and we’re going to keep shipping as long as we remain healthy. We hope you’re doing well in today’s new world. We had set up an aggressive spring time schedule of attending sheep and wool events only to have it disrupted. We’re hopeful that we’ll be seeing you all in the fall instead. Keep an eye out here and wherever you see us online and for sure there will be some form of sale SOON!