Suprise! Colored raw Merino Fleece online. Six for now and the offsorts. Check em out!

Fall will soon be with us and already we’ve begun to see folks prepare for cooler weather and order their wool. Generally we offer regular repeatable items that we could get by the truckload. Today, we’re offering individual fleeces. Why?

Well because we were presented with a couple of bags of beautiful Massachusetts grown Colored Merino Fleece. We’re offering the entire fleeces at a fixed price that includes delivery to where ever you are in the Lower 48 of the U.S.A. We haven’t set it up for Alaska or Canadian shipping, but if you really want it reach out and we’ll get back to you.

This is the culmination of a long time plan of ours. We put up a page One Offs (https://rhlindsaywool.com/product-category/one-offs/) with the idea that any nuggets we find would be offered out through here. We weren’t that great with our product page movement and the time and effort some stuff would take to get online barely made it worthwhile. Well here is a product we think everyone would be interested in trying and you only have a limited opportunity to do so.

We’re offering the entire fleece at a fixed delivered price. By the way, if you order other product with the fleece we’ll give free delivery for those products as well.

So hit on the URL above and check out the offers. They are very pretty and we enjoyed a rainy Sunday in the warehouse skirting and rolling these fleeces.

Meanwhile, we’re working on a couple of other ‘regular’ products to add. We’re waiting for the mill to produce them at this point.

Good luck if you’re interested and move fast as what you see is what we’ve got!