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Welcome to the R.H. Lindsay Wool Company

Bleached Tussah Silk

buy now @ $27.00 / pound

Fiber: Bleached Tussah Silk Source: Imported Color: Bleached off-white Bump (free shipping): 15-17 lb bag Bumps are sold out for now - we expect to be back in stock in September.

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Dyed Wool Color Guide

Looking for colored wool for a particular project? Use this guide to peruse all of our dyed wool options to choose what will work best for you! Our dyed Corriedale is 29.5 combed top, which is imported as is. The dyed NZ Romney is ~35 micron carded sliver, which means the fibers are less “smooth”… Read More »

Luxury Fiber sale!

We had a great sale last week offering 10% off for Small Business Saturday. We also have a sale running on some of our 20-series Carded Sliver, namely the 21D, 22D and 21MXD who’s batches are getting low and we’re about to refresh some of our line. The entire time we’d been carping on our… Read More »

20-series sale 21,22,26D and 21MXD. 11/21-30!

We’re getting to the end of a few of our inventory on a few of our current carded sliver lines. We just send a few new shades down to get carded and we want to tidy things up at this end. So the 21D, 22D, and 26D all get $.50 off for $8.00/lb. The 21MXD… Read More »