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#C21DH Dehaired Churro

We saw a lot of fine wool in our kempy scoured Churro so had some... Read More »

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#26S, Scoured Oatmeal Tasman Comeback

25.5 micron Scoured Tasman Natural Oatmeal Shade wool Our Type #26S $9.00/lb Free freight to... Read More »

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L-820 TAS Brown Scoured

We had some extra of the scoured lot that made the 27TAS. $9/lb Order 20... Read More »

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Welcome to the R.H. Lindsay Wool Company

Bleached Tussah Silk

buy now @ $25.00 / pound

NOW WITH A REDUCED PRICE! Free shipping with purchase of one bump.

  • lbs. @ $25.00/lb.
  • 32 lb. bump(s) @ $25.00/lb. = $800.00

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Non-traditional Traditional Seasonal White Sale!

Anyone who has followed our Facebook fan page will be anticipating this post/e-mail/however we get it to you in today’s multi-outlet digital world. We’ve been playing a game there promising fun and savings to anyone who guessed the theme of our traditional January sale. We’ve given away all the coupons and here it is, we’re… Read More »

Where have we been? Looking to Happy New Year!

Hey! Normally we’re pounding out blog posts and other social media outreach on a pretty steady basis. December hasn’t seen much activity in that regard. Why?   The fact is we’re running a little shorthanded this month. Normally we’re already just three folks working part time to keep R.H. Lindsay going. All three of us… Read More »


Wow! Thank you all for showing the love on Small Business Saturday. Most online orders in a day ever! That despite the new site’s account access issues. We are hoping that all gets fixed on Monday when we also hope to make it up with a Cyber Monday offer. Meanwhile we’ll be trying to get… Read More »

Since 1936

#27TAS, Brown Tasman Comeback S/C

buy now @ $13.00 / pound

25 Micron Crossbred/Comeback Colored fleece from Tasmania. Some of the best grown wool anywhere. 5-6 inch staple. Low VM. Very soft. Brown color. Put up in 10-14 pound bags. Choose "Bumps" on order page for free delivery. Bump price in Shopping Cart set for exactly 13 pounds, so a 10 pound bag would cost $39 less and a 14 bag $13 more, so there may be a wide variance on what we finally invoice compared to the original shopping cart total.

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