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Welcome to the R.H. Lindsay Wool Company

Bleached Tussah Silk

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Fiber: Bleached Tussah Silk Source: Imported Color: Bleached off-white Bump (free shipping): 15-17 lb bag

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What’s up at R.H. Lindsay?

Here we are in May holding down the fort at our warehouse in Canton, MA. After 30 years of dedicated and loving service, we closed our long time Philadelphia warehouse in late January which has been quite a change. With our aim to grow our offering along with the eager enthusiasm of the 4th Generation… Read More »

2900 fans and adjusting to today’s business reality

R.H. Lindsay Company has evolved into a much younger Fourth Generation operation in the past year or so since Grace Lindsay-Parks started working here. Phil had long cultivated an old grumpy Yankee image which wasn’t the best approach for many of our customers. Luckily our prices and supply sources helped carry us through. One thing… Read More »

Dyed Wool Color Guide

Looking for colored wool for a particular project? Use this guide to peruse all of our dyed wool options to choose what will work best for you! Our dyed Corriedale is 29.5 combed top, which is imported as is. The dyed NZ Romney is ~35 micron carded sliver, which means the fibers are less “smooth”… Read More »