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#C21DH Dehaired Churro

We saw a lot of fine wool in our kempy scoured Churro so had some... Read More »

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#26S, Scoured Oatmeal Tasman Comeback

25.5 micron Scoured Tasman Natural Oatmeal Shade wool Our Type #26S $9.00/lb Free freight to... Read More »

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L-820 TAS Brown Scoured

We had some extra of the scoured lot that made the 27TAS. $9/lb Order 20... Read More »

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26 TAS Oatmeal Tasm
#26TAS, Oatmeal Tasman Comeback S/C

25 micron, Oatmeal natural shade locally carded Tasmanian fleece. $13/lb Put up in 10-14 pound... Read More »

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Welcome to the R.H. Lindsay Wool Company

Bleached Tussah Silk

buy now @ $25.00 / pound

NOW WITH A REDUCED PRICE! Free shipping with purchase of one bump.

  • lbs. @ $25.00/lb.
  • 32 lb. bump(s) @ $25.00/lb. = $800.00

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Wow! Thank you all for showing the love on Small Business Saturday. Most online orders in a day ever! That despite the new site’s account access issues. We are hoping that all gets fixed on Monday when we also hope to make it up with a Cyber Monday offer. Meanwhile we’ll be trying to get… Read More »

New site observations

So for some reason the free shipping for bumps isn’t activated on all the products. We made a quick swing through and hopefully got them, but please don’t panic if freight pops up as we’ll remove it before we bill you. Also please relay same so we may correct it going forward. We’ve also heard… Read More »


That’s the coupon code for an additional $20 off on Saturday, November 27th. #SmallbizSat. Minimum $50 order and you get $20 off! Most of our customers are certainly small businesses, so here’s a small contribution from us!  


Since 1936

#27TAS, Brown Tasman Comeback S/C

buy now @ $13.00 / pound

25 Micron Crossbred/Comeback Colored fleece from Tasmania. Some of the best grown wool anywhere. 5-6 inch staple. Low VM. Very soft. Brown color. Put up in 10-14 pound bags. Choose "Bumps" on order page for free delivery. Bump price in Shopping Cart set for exactly 13 pounds, so a 10 pound bag would cost $39 less and a 14 bag $13 more, so there may be a wide variance on what we finally invoice compared to the original shopping cart total.

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