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Bleached Tussah Silk

buy now @ $25.00 / pound

Free shipping with purchase of one bump. (New smaller size!)

  • lbs. @ $25.00/lb.
  • 11 lb. bump(s) @ $25.00/lb. = $275.00

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cybermonday is today’s coupon code for 5% off

Hey! We woke up early thinking about how much packing and shipping we had to do today and we realized we’d forgotten about Cyber Monday. Given the internet basically has saved our little wool craft business we feel compelled to bow down to the prevailing thought and offer a deal. So…. for any purchase today… Read More »

From extended Flash Sale to #fb1800 & #smallbizsat have we got sales & coupons!

Yahoo! When we have a sale and it’s a big success what else would we do but EXTEND it through Saturday! The original flash sale was only going to extend the sale price of the #72d American Merino 19.5 Micron Top through Saturday. But we heard from a couple of you, so we decided to… Read More »

FLASH! Sale of new 19.5 micron Domestic Top, Tussah Silk and more…

Hey! We can’t put our hands on the sample we had to take a photo for the product page, but given how long we’ve been waiting we had to put it up anyway. Our new 72D Domestic “Merino” 19.5 micron Top. It’s on sale for the same prices as our regular #48 Australian Merino 21.5… Read More »

Since 1936

#27TAS, Brown Tasman Comeback S/C

buy now @ / pound

25 Micron Crossbred/Comeback Colored fleece from Tasmania. Some of the best grown wool anywhere. 5-6 inch staple. Low VM. Very soft. Brown color. Put up in 10-14 pound bags. Choose "Bumps" on order page for free delivery. Bump price in Shopping Cart set for exactly 13 pounds, so a 10 pound bag would cost $39 less and a 14 bag $13 more, so there may be a wide variance on what we finally invoice compared to the original shopping cart total.

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