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Bleached Tussah Silk

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Suprise! Colored raw Merino Fleece online. Six for now and the offsorts. Check em out!

Fall will soon be with us and already we’ve begun to see folks prepare for cooler weather and order their wool. Generally we offer regular repeatable items that we could get by the truckload. Today, we’re offering individual fleeces. Why? Well because we were presented with a couple of bags of beautiful Massachusetts grown Colored… Read More »

New product #27D. New Price on 91 Domestic Top. Plus some boring family trivia…

R.H. Lindsay Company started as a strictly grease wool house buying all the wool for a Massachusetts wool combing mill. Our second President, John D. (Toppy) Lindsay kept R.H. Lindsay going for many years thanks to his superior skill at visually assessing raw wool and assigning the right yield and spinning count. During the 1980s… Read More »

17 Sale! 17 items for 17 days get 2% off

Part of our outreach lately has been through social media outlets. Whenever we reach a new milestone we typically have a sale. This time we had an internal discussion about whether this policy was wearing itself out. That distraction has made it hard for us to come up with a good angle to celebrate 1700… Read More »

Since 1936

#27TAS, Brown Tasman Comeback S/C

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25 Micron Crossbred/Comeback Colored fleece from Tasmania. Some of the best grown wool anywhere. 5-6 inch staple. Low VM. Very soft. Brown color. Put up in 10-14 pound bags. Choose "Bumps" on order page for free delivery. Bump price in Shopping Cart set for exactly 13 pounds, so a 10 pound bag would cost $39 less and a 14 bag $13 more, so there may be a wide variance on what we finally invoice compared to the original shopping cart total.

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