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Welcome to the R.H. Lindsay Wool Company

Bleached Tussah Silk

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The current normal of Coronavirus for R.H. Lindsay Company (sale on horizon)

We’ve all seen hundreds of these notes expressing concern and thanking folks for their understanding related to the effects of the CV-19 Pandemic that is wracking the world. Despite some predicting we’ll be back to normal by the middle of April that is hard to conceive from here as thee death toll has just started… Read More »

Wool industry in the 21st Century

Wool as a commodity has fallen far in the lexicon of commodities to the point where those of us who trade it know what it feels like to be an anachronism. For someone who grew up in a notable 20th century wool town it is especially true once you get down to being one of… Read More »

When holding one sale isn’t enough!

January is when our year begins. R.H. Lindsay in fact was first organized in January 1936 in a State Street law office. Also our long time President, John Davenport (Toppy) Lindsay was born on the 10th of January. Between those events and the 1,000 fans we now have on Instagram we have enough reason to… Read More »