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Welcome to the R.H. Lindsay Wool Company

Bleached Tussah Silk

buy now @ $27.50 / pound

Fiber: Bleached Tussah Silk Source: Imported Color: Bleached off-white Bump (free shipping): 15-17 lb bag

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10 Items Under $10/lb!

We recently raised prices on our most popular items to help us cope with the ever-skyrocketing shipping costs we’re all dealing with. Even still, we have plenty of great products available for under $10/lb, continuing our mission make industrial-quality wool and fiber as accessible as possible. One of our most popular products at $9.95/lb is… Read More »

All about Free Bump Shipping

With shipping rates staying high, we are always getting questions about how to get free shipping on an order. Folks in the continental US who need bulk of one product can get free freight on their entire order by ordering a bump! But what that means varies by product! Why? Well we source our products… Read More »

Shops Ship Free!*

*some conditions apply 🙂 “The shipping is more than the wool!” is probably our most-received feedback here at R.H. Lindsay Company. The common retort has become “well, I can’t do anything about the shipping, but I can charge you more for the wool if you’d like!” We’re acutely aware of how much shipping prices have… Read More »