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Bleached Tussah Silk

buy now @ $29.00 / pound

Fiber: Bleached Tussah Silk Source: Imported Color: Bleached off-white Bump (free shipping): 15-17 lb bag

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Baa Baa “Black” Sheep & Overdyed Domestic

Sheep come in all colors, from bright white to the almost-black dark brown, with a gradient of beautiful greys and browns in between. However, when it comes to the old-school wool industry, there are multiple grades to categorize white wool, but everything from offwhite/light grey to dark brown gets thrown into one pile and labeled… Read More »

Dyed Corriedale Guide 2024

Our dyed wool offerings have changed quite a bit in the last few years. We anticipate that the 18 colors showcased here will constitute our Dyed Corriedale line for the foreseeable future. We hope the side-by-sides help you determine what colors suit your needs best. We are always happy to chat about what color would… Read More »

The Beauty of Primitive Wool (#21DK and #23DK)

We have our own unique lingo when naming our products, heavily influenced by our long history of buying and selling industrial quantities of wool. Our#21DK, White Primitive Breed Carded Sliver and #23DK, Primitive Breed Grey S/C may leave folks scratching their heads a bit – what is “primitive” wool? And what does DK mean again?… Read More »