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Bleached Tussah Silk

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New prices! New Product! Two new coupons! One riddle to solve for $10 off. Happy September!

We did it! We caught up to our stated goal of raising our prices in September. We raised the prices for entire 20-series carded types. Sadly that’s where our costs have risen the most. We also raised the price of all the wool top from the coarse New Zealand to our 19.5 Micron American Merino… Read More »

Summer schedule! Closed the 4th thru the 15th of July.

Since we opened our Boston-area warehouse there haven’t been many days where we haven’t been able to ship wool. Vacation times and locale’s worked out so we could keep our customers happy, even though few of you were thinking anything about wool during the summer time. This year we’re all headed to northern California to… Read More »

19 Dollars Off Sale, thanks to our 1900 FB fans! 13 items on sale until May.

Hey! Despite the woes of social media behemoths we at R.H. Lindsay continue to play the game by reaching out (without paying for ANY of your inside info) via our company fan page. We try to give some insight into the fun and frolic of what we do behind the scenes. Most of the time… Read More »

Since 1936

#27TAS, Brown Tasman Comeback S/C

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25 Micron Crossbred/Comeback Colored fleece from Tasmania. Some of the best grown wool anywhere. 5-6 inch staple. Low VM. Very soft. Brown color. Put up in 10-14 pound bags. Choose "Bumps" on order page for free delivery. Bump price in Shopping Cart set for exactly 13 pounds, so a 10 pound bag would cost $39 less and a 14 bag $13 more, so there may be a wide variance on what we finally invoice compared to the original shopping cart total.

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