Quick note! 27DF is back! 26S (Tasman Scoured) now offered


September is zipping past and we here in the parched Northeast are hoping for cooler weather and some seasonal RAIN! Enough of talk about the weather, here’s what we want to say.

We have brought our popular #27DF Fine Brown Carded Sliver back! We have plenty available from the same source as before. Check it out at $9/lb and free UPS to Continental USA for 1 bag (12-14 pounds).

If you like our 26TAS Tasmanian Comeback sliver, but process your own carding then you’ll be interested in our new 26S Scoured Tasmanian Oatmeal at $9/lb. Same wool only not carded. Buy it loose. 30 pound order gets free UPS delivery to Continental USA. $8/lb for 300 pound BALE order.

Check us out at www.rhlindsaywool.com. Where else do they have the wool for you?