FLASH! Sale of new 19.5 micron Domestic Top, Tussah Silk and more…


We can’t put our hands on the sample we had to take a photo for the product page, but given how long we’ve been waiting we had to put it up anyway. Our new 72D Domestic “Merino” 19.5 micron Top. It’s on sale for the same prices as our regular #48 Australian Merino 21.5 micron top. And guess what? We’ve put that on sale through the weekend too!

There’s a One Off offer of 32.6 pounds of Silk for $650 all in (or just under $20.00 per pound DELIVERED! First come first served.

If you miss that or can’t afford that much, we’re putting the Bleached Tussah on sale at $22/lb through the weekend as well.

It starts on Wednesday and most of this ends next Tuesday, although we’ll keep the 72D on sale through Thanksgiving.

Short sweet and too the point. That’s this sale. Hope you are ready for it folks as we’re ready for you!