You keep asking for it so we went out and got it! Bamboo is back and on sale until New Years!

Beginning in late summer last year we started talking about how a long time supplier was due to retire and we were worried that we’d be cut off from our easy supply of silk, bamboo and mohair. When a new man was hired to replace our old pal we held out hope. We were a little concerned at first as we’ve dealt with a lot of folks and we weren’t hearing the certain something that makes us trust someone. As we got deeper into fall the promises of new supply turned into unanswered phone calls and e-mails. We finally got desperate and it took us about a week to find someone with inventory on hand (although not in the USA).

Anyway, that means we’re back in the Bamboo Top business! We just got a fresh batch with nice tight 20-21 pound bumps in tight wound balls. (Phil’s measuring for its own standard box). It cost us a little more but not a crazy amount, so here’s what we’re going to do.

It’s on sale from this moment until January 1, 2020. So the rest of 2019! Wow! No limit on your purchase and you should find it online. Old coupon codes work too! the regular price was $11.00 and now it is the sale price. So $11.00 per pound or $231.00 for one of those neat little bumps.

Once January begins we’re moving it up to $14.00/lb or $294.00 for a bump.

Remember we already have our #1021 New Zealand Romney Top on sale at $7.25/lb through the 21st (Saturday). So team up with two of our long time back bone white products! Bamboo and Romney Top!

Next up getting the pipeline set for more Silk and mohair! Thjs has to be the first time Santa was out looking for a new supplier for us. Thanks Santa!