Changes to silk and 9 Massachusetts Merino fleeces in One Offs

Wow! It’s been too long since we’ve updated everyone on what’s happening at R.H. Lindsay Company. We’ve been using our experience and inside knowledge to navigate the local and world wide fiber market in order to provide industrial products for your industrial or artisan needs. Lately, we’ve been spending a bit more energy than we have in a while dealing with industrial users and while it hasn’t felt like the old days we’ve been having fun in a way we never expected. That said, it’s everyone that makes R.H. Lindsay Company tick and here we are to tell everyone our story.

The picture on the top left is the new Bleached Tussah Silk which is in 10-11 pound bags now, down from the last couple of batches 35 pound bags. You won’t have to take a mortgage or use your Amex Black Card to buy a bump and get free delivery anymore. It’s almost as though we put it on sale.

The middle shot is the bad news in that the Mulberry Silk put up doubled in size from 5 kilos to 10 kilos (22 pounds). If you notice there is like a spinning cone in the middle this set up DOES make it waaaayyyyyyy easier to weigh out a pound or two which is how most of this product leaves our premises anyway. The same is true of the Tussah in that a 35 pound bag is a potentially huge knot of silk.

The right photo is a mix up of the Merino Fleeces we came upon thanks to one of our local shearers who brought us an entire flock worth or about 400 pounds. Most of the white is destined to be in our soon to be coming 21DF which should be our best batch of 21DF ever judging from the sample of the scoured wool that just arrived.

Go to our One Offs page in our Products section to see the selection of two white and seven colored Massachusetts Merino fleeces we’ve put there.

What else is new? Not a whole lot. We’re in pretty good shape with inventory and we’re waiting for you to surprise us with what you decide to use up faster than we ever expected so we’re scrambling to make the next batch. We are waiting for the mill to comb up a U.S.A. wool 19.5 micron top that will be out sometime in November. We’ll be running it with a flashy introductory price and shouting from any social media roof top we find once it becomes available.

So keep any eye on R.H. Lindsay as while we can be a staid old Yankee firm we’re out there looking for wool that will challenge and interest the more artistically oriented of us while also providing for the folks with a dream for their creative success that needs wool to succeed. We love you all and as we love to say, “We’ve got the wool (and silk too) for you!”