17 Sale! 17 items for 17 days get 2% off

Part of our outreach lately has been through social media outlets. Whenever we reach a new milestone we typically have a sale. This time we had an internal discussion about whether this policy was wearing itself out. That distraction has made it hard for us to come up with a good angle to celebrate 1700 Facebook fans.

We finally have, but before we get into that we’re announcing here that our next celebration sale will be either 2000 Facebook fans or 1000 Instagram followers. Both of those will take a while, but who knows we may well be back here soon with two sales. If so, that means we’ve had a lot of fun and seen a lot of great stuff that folks do with our wool. We’re loving that, and if you want to see for yourself find us on Instagram (@rhlwool). We’ve got over a year’s worth of photos for our Friday Customer Feature there.

Enough of that, we’ve been stringing y’all along about our sale and we think we’ve come up with a doozy. We’ve picked 17 items which we will put a 2% sale discount on those items for 17 days.  The items will be on our On Sale page of our Products section on our site. They include ALL our leading and highest priced items as listed below.


Type #  Sale $    Description

#91      $7.35       Domestic 56s Wool Top (Our #1 item)

#48    $14.70      21.5 Micron Australian Merino Wool Top

#47    $9.31         Falkland White 27 micron Top

#1021  $7.84      New Zealand Romney Wool Top

#21D   $7.84      Domestic Romney/Leicester Carded Sliver

#23D  $7.84      Domestic Grey Xbred Carded Sliver

#N72-1 $7.35    19.3 Domestic Combed Australian Noils

#900   $17.64    Natural Dehaired Camel Hair

#S900TB $24.50  Bleached Tussah Silk

#M900  $31.36  Mulberry Silk Top Sliver

#C21DH  $15.68  Dehaired 25.0 Micron White Churro Fiber

#21MXD  $12.74 40% Mohair/50% Romney Leicester Carded Sliver

#102          $12,74   Scoured Texas Mohair

#101           $14.70  Yearling Mohair Top

#723           $15.68  Black Opal Dyed Medium Top

#748           $22.54  Dyed Hat Black Merino Top

#26TAS   $12.74  Tasman Comeback Oatmeal Carded Sliver

Begins April 14. Ends at the end of April 30th.

So there are no Coupon Codes or any weight or dollar restrictions.

Good luck folks and enjoy!