From extended Flash Sale to #fb1800 & #smallbizsat have we got sales & coupons!


When we have a sale and it’s a big success what else would we do but EXTEND it through Saturday! The original flash sale was only going to extend the sale price of the #72d American Merino 19.5 Micron Top through Saturday. But we heard from a couple of you, so we decided to extend it into Saturday.

If that isn’t good enough, we’re also announcing a Sale Coupon celebrating our 1800th Facebook fan. We hadn’t been paying much attention, but suddenly everyone is liking us and for that we like to celebrate. So if your Shopping Cart reaches $88.00 you should be able to enter #fb1800 in the coupon box and get $18 off!

Just to make it MORE fun and may be take the heat off us on Friday as we’ll only be half open we’re offering ANOTHER coupon that is just good for Saturday, November 25th, aka in fancy parlance as Small Business Saturday. While the original sponsor of the idea isn’t exactly a small business we are and so are most of our customers and we’re happy for them and want to celebrate even more. So… enter #smallbizsat for a $10 coupon for any order of at least $60.00 placed on Saturday the 25th.

To review, the Flash Sale is on for all products through Saturday. #fb1800 is $18 off for any order $88 or more for any order from NOW through the end of November and on Saturday the 25th #smallbizsat gets you $10 more off orders of $60 or more.

We haven’t been able to beta test it and the computer whizz will be away Saturday, so take this disclaimer and keep it up your sleeve if for some reason there are any snafus. We’ll back any of these coupons if you have trouble initiating them as long as we hear from you by the start of business Monday, November 27th. Feel free to place the order and know we won’t charge your account until your order is packed and ready to go and we’ll add any of the earned discounts if they don’t register when you order. All we need to do is hear from you of your failed attempt and see your order.

Here’s hoping we all have a great Thanksgiving Holiday season!