19 Dollars Off Sale, thanks to our 1900 FB fans! 13 items on sale until May.


Despite the woes of social media behemoths we at R.H. Lindsay continue to play the game by reaching out (without paying for ANY of your inside info) via our company fan page. We try to give some insight into the fun and frolic of what we do behind the scenes. Most of the time we’re ratting on the owner Phil Lindsay about his plans NOT to work, but sometimes it pays to follow us there as we put coupon codes or other fun hints to sales there.

That said, we announce ALL our sales through this blog and anywhere we can post the link (feel free) to a site where folks looking for wool might see us and discover us for the first time. While we’ve been around for over 80 years the public amazes us nearly every day when a new face appears and buys some wool.

So… with 1900 fans on FB we’re having a what we’re calling our “19 Dollars Off” sale. What? $19? How’d we do that? It is April after all and the joke is if you add up the total discount of the 13 items that are now on sale the discount adds up to $19.00… (PLEASE no one buy a pound of each item on sale… ;-)).

Here’s the list:

L-827 Fine Scoured Local Was $7.50. $1.50 off Is $6.00

C21DH Dehaired Churro Was $16.00  $3.00 off Is $13.00

21MXD Xbd/Mohair S/C Was $13.00 $2.00 off Is $11.00

N72-1 19.3 Micron Noil  Was $7.50  $1.50 off Is $6.00

22D Offwhite Xbd S/C  Was $8.00 $1.00 off Is $7.00

23DK Grey Primitive S/C Was $7.50 $0.50 off Is $7.00

21DK White Churro S/C Was $7.50 off $0.50 Is $7.00

61OT New Zealand Open Top Was $9.00 off $2.00 Is $7.00

21DF Targee Merino local S/C Was $10.00 off $1.00 Is $9.00

Bamboo Top (Chines Rayon) Was $11.00 off $1.00 Is $10.00

Natural Dehair Camel Hair Was $18.00 off $2.00 Is $16.00

61S New Zealand Scoured Romney Was $6.00 off $1.00 Is $5.00

102 Scoured Texas Mohair  Was $13.00 off $2.00 is $11.00

Prices and discounts per pound and all items appear to be listed on the On Sale section of our Products Page on the site…

The sale starts NOW and runs through the end of April, to cap our foolish month. By the way, the coupon codes at the bottom of the previous blog post should still be working as well until May 1st…