2400 themed sale/sales

We play a game on our Facebook page offering to do a sale every time we reach a new fan milestone. Well this week we hit 2400 fans. We are amazed there are 2400 folks out there who would follow us and we thank everyone of you for your social network loyalty.

We’re already offering $12 off your UPS bill when we collect your payment for any order of 10 pounds or more through the end of April.

NOW we’re adding a fun little option with the opportunity to get a 2.4% discount on any order of at least $60.00 through May 3rd (24 days) by using the coupon code #24for2.4for24. In fact you can use it for two orders up until early May.

So a third sale option we’re going to add is a rotating sale for 8 days a piece between now and May 3rd. We’re going to start with $1.20 off our #24D Grey Scoured Carded Sliver (starting today at $8.50/lb).

After the 24D we’ll offer $2.40 another 24ish product (you might be able to guess if you’ve followed me for a while… we like numbers) for 8 days with another 24ish product to get $2.40 off the last 8 days of the next 24.

We’ve already put the sales on each product for the crucial time period. We’ll be sure to keep you updates when new products go on sale…