22SSD 2

Super Soft Domestic Merino Comeback Offwhite S/C #22SSD


Super Soft Merino Comeback Offwhite S/C we got from a super progressive grower from the Midwest. Our last effort was the 26DF which we cooked up from buying the bellies and pieces sorted out from the scouring. While that wool was equal to or better than most fleeces grown, this offer is the full fleece so imagine how silky soft and clean this wool is. It’s an amazing bargain too at $14/lb given the price of wool this fine around the world has skyrocketed. Dyers should love this stuff as well as just about anyone who touches it…

22.5 mic, 3-4 inch bulk staple, roughly 14 pound bags for free shipping, Offwhite-light tan color.

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