#21DK, White Primitive Breed Carded Sliver


Fiber: Churro Wool
Source: USA grown and processed
Micron/Spin-Count: Variable (see below)
Staple: 2-5 inches
Color: White
Bump (free shipping): 2 bags weighing 11-13 lbs each. Mix and match bags with 2 Bags of Primitive Breed Carded Sliver – Free Shipping!

The nature of primitive sheeps wool is that there’s a wide range of variance in each fleece, from 20-40 micron. Approx. 25% is 23 micron and finer and 25% is 35 micron and coarser and the rest is somewhere in between. The variation makes for a sturdy product, popular with rug makers. The “K” in the product number stands for “Kempy,” which refers to the coarse straight hairs that appear throughout the sliver.