27D Dark Taupe Domestic Wool Sliver


27D Dark Taupe Carded Sliver
Fiber: Various dark wool
Source: Regional Wool-grower network in Mid-Atlantic USA
Micron/spin count: approx. 29.5 / 56s
Staple: approx 3 inch
Color: Dark Taupe
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Is it brown? Is it grey? It’s taupe! The source wool for this gorgeous dark colored sliver comes to us from a recently closed wool grower’s co-op in the Midwest USA. They collected wool from all around the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and New England region. This lot represents their darkest wool from a year’s worth of collection. There’s a whole mix of breeds, but the result is something special with a chocolate undertone and a charcoal edge. Some VM is expected with carded sliver. Should spin and felt nicely.