#22DD Off-white Shearer’s Choice Cheviot Carded Sliver


Fiber: Cheviot wool
Source: New England, USA
Micron/Spin Count: 29.5 mic / 54s
Staple: 2-4 inches
Color: Off-White/ultra light grey
Bump (free shipping): 2 bags weighing 10-12 lbs each

We call this “Shearer’s Choice” because the idea for this line came from dealing with a local shearer who has been selling us wool for years. Cheviot wool is lofty, springy, spongey, popular for felting and spinning alive If you want a lot of texture in a needle or fabric felt product this might be worth playing with as well. Previous versions of this product included Dorset and Polypay as well, which have similar properties, tho we’re finding the Cheviot even nicer than previous versions.