21DD Super Springy Dorset Polypay S/C


We collected a bunch of Whiteface Dorset and Polypay from two local New England shearers and at the end of last year we sent it off to get scoured. That is offered as our L-848 Scoured Dorset Polypay. We liked it so much we sent it out to get carded thus making our bulkiest ever carded sliver.  Dorset sheep have a helical (circular) crimp while a lot of wool crimps in a straight wave. The helical crimp gives the wool more loft which makes this product great for folks spinning and knitwear products. If you want a lot of texture in a needle or fabric felt product this might be worth playing with as well. Put up in 11 pound bags and we ask you buy two for free UPS delivery. Two 12 pound bags for a Bump order with free UPS.