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24D Local Crossbred Silver Grey Carded Sliver

$8.50/lb ($170.00 for 20 pound ‘bump’ pricing) 30.0 Micron 48/50s Spinning Count 2-4 inch bulk staple. 120 gram sliver.

We just shipped out about the last of  a batch of 24D that was much lighter than this one so ask if you’re looking for something a bit lighter not not as light as our 23D. We were trying to tweak the color back a bit in this batch but may have gone too far, so forgive us if our Silver description for color might seem a bit tarnished. We’ve always had trouble with the style police. A combination of our Scoured Romney/Leicester (now gone too L-824) and our Scoured Crossbred Colored L-825 this batch came out a bit loftier as the colored wool has a softer edge that came out in this blend. Specs: 30 micron, 2-4 inch staple, Mid Atlantic and New England sourced. $8.00/lb and 2 bags weigh 20 pounds for free UPS delivery

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