23DD Ultra-light grey Dorset-Polypay


For folks who are a fan of our 21DD Dorset-Polypay, we blended the same wool with a small amount of dark wool. The resulting lots has the same springiness of the 21DD, but with a touch of grey/brown, that we imagine dyers could have a lot of fun with. ~30 micron.


Dorset sheep have a helical (circular) crimp while a lot of wool crimps in a straight wave. The helical crimp gives the wool more loft which makes this product great for folks spinning and knitwear products.


A “bump” order gets you free shipping, and two bags weighing 10-12 lbs each. The final charge on your credit card will reflect actual weight shipped.


NB the 23DD has double the dark wool of the 22DD blended in, but they appear quite similar. The 23DD is slightly darker. We can tell the difference, but if you order both and they look the same to you…don’t say we didn’t warn you. 🙂