#22DK Off-White Primitive Breed Carded Sliver

Fiber: Churro Wool, Scottish Black Face
Source: USA grown and processed
Micron/Spin-Count: Variable (see below)
Staple: 2-5 inches
Color: Off-white/ultra light grey
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Commentary: The nature of primitive sheeps wool is that there’s a wide range of variance in each fleece, from 20-40 micron. Approx. 25% is 23 micron and finer and 25% is 35 micron and coarser and the rest is somewhere in between. The variation makes for a sturdy product, popular with rug makers. The “K” in the product number stands for “Kempy,” which refers to the coarse straight hairs that appear throughout the sliver. This is similar to the 21DK product, but with a touch of Scottish Blackface blended in to give it the light grey color.

Note that domestic carded sliver products often have a small amount of vegetable matter.

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