L-848 Local Shearer Choice Dorset-Polypay Scoured

29.5 Micron 2-3.5 inch staple, White/stain color. 1% Vegetable. Source New England. $6.00/lb. Free shipment (‘bump’) for 30 pound orders and we have a bale or two extra we’d be happy to sell in tact at a nice discount. (ON SALE AT $5.50 and even more for an industrial sized bale)

Two local shearers kept bringing in piles of white face fleeces that would come to them while they were out doing their job. We kept piling it up and at the end of the year we sent it off to get scoured. Here’s the next generation. This is a really springy whiteface wool typical of what makes wool grown in the Fleece States of the United States unique. While it’s really hard to get something absolutely white it’s way easy to get some springy helical crimped fleece and here it is…

Please note that scoured wool will require processing before use, as the fiber still contains some VM and dust. We do not recommend purchasing a large quantity if you are not experienced with processing fiber.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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