A Year in the Wool Business Sampler


We are constantly tweaking our product line to provide a range of quality, affordable wool and fiber products. In the past year we’ve introduced a number of products that are variations of existing or discontinued products. SO all these products are “new” in their own way, but will feel familiar if you’ve been keeping a close eye on our product line. And if you’re a brand new customer, this sampler will give you a great “feel” for the range of products we carry.

Includes: Targhee Top, Lyocell, Bamboo, 27D Dark Taupe Domestic, Scoured Cheviot, 21D Dorset, Merino Top Dyed Black, Dyed Cranberry Targhee, Peach Dyed Corriedale

As always, sampler customers get exclusive access to three coupon codes for future purchases.

Samplers come with an insert that will guide you as to which product is which.

Each sample is wrapped by hand and weighs between 0.5 oz – 1 oz

Free shipping if all you want is a sampler, and we’ll discount your shipping while processing your order if you combine with other products.