Type #48D 21.5 Micron American Rambouillet 64s Top


Now our #48D (as in Domestic meaning Made in the U.S. of A.!!) at $15.50/lb

For over 30 years we sourced this from the same supplier who had made this top in specifications that included Australian wool. We saw some outside marketing and checked and low and behold our supplier was ALSO offering an American grown Rambouillet to the same specifications. Changing to this given today’s breed and local source invested market wasn’t a stretch at all. So check it out!

It’s most popular uses are for fine felt projects as well as fine spun knitwear or handwoven fabric. We see a lot of this item in a wide range of beautiful dyed colors on other art trade web sites.

Specifications: 21.5 micron, bulk 3 inch staple, excellent white color.

Put up in 31 pound bumps.

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