#48, Australian Merino 64s Top


This is our most popular item. Felters, dyers and spinners all love it. This is a standard commercial item that has been produced for a major cloth manufacturer for as long as we can remember. It was developed as an item because the 21.5 micron was in the sweet spot of the Australian production in that a vast preponderance fell into range to make a 21.5 micron top. Very white and soft with nice long staple for a fine wool.

It’s most popular uses are for fine felt projects as well as fine spun knitwear or handwoven fabric. We see a lot of this item in a wide range of beautiful dyed colors on other art trade web sites.

Specifications: 21.5 micron, bulk 3 inch staple, excellent white color.

Put up in 29 pound bumps.

Sorry if anyone had been waiting for a sale as that was for 2018… OOPS! Anyway all we can promise is that we’re not planning to raise the price anymore in 2019.

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